Leningrad Part III

With so many cities surrounding Barrington, the plan was to connect up to as many as possible. How many stations would I need? I figured I’d need at least two, maybe even three?

The terrain around Barrington is pretty flat to the south and west, with some hills in the east and more in the north. So I thought I’d start with a station to the west of the city. Build that, and connect up to the western towns – Obanvale, Yippin Creek, maybe Golcordia, and perhaps run through-lines to some of the others – Preolenna, Seven Hills, Bombeeta.

After setting up bus lines within cities, and paying off debt, I built up a stash of money and then started building rail. Barrington to Preolenna was first. Then the BAR-PRE line was extended to Obanvale. By 1870, Barrington looked like this:

Barrington's first station, west of the city. 1870.
Barrington’s first station, west of the city. 1870.



Shitkansen Tuesday

I spent far too much of today on the train.

Maitland appointment was 3.30pm, so I worked out if I left Penshurst by 11am, it’d all be good.

Left early, got to Central to find no trains had gone north for hours because of a broken down train between Hornsby and Gosford. Despite this though, an announcement came over stating a train would be leaving Platform 9. Went to Platform 9, and got the (already half an hour late) 10.45am train.

That train though kept stopping between stations for 10-15 minutes at a time, and for almost half an hour at Epping. By the time I got to Morisset, I realised I wasn’t going to make it. I rang people, rescheduled and – because there was no other option really – stayed on the train until Broadmeadow.

Then, with still a stop to go, the train was canceled. “This train terminates here. All out, all change”.

I got off the train, changed platforms, and caught another train home.

A completely wasted day.

Leningrad Part II

When I want to treat a play-through seriously, I start off by planning the map out a bit. The biggest impediment to this is it’s impossible to get a single screenshot of the whole map, even on the Medium sized maps I’ve been playing recently. Although it’s a messy compromise, I’ve started piecing together a patchwork from several screenshots. Here’s the raw one for this map. It is from a real-world scenario called ‘Stuttgart’.

This map made up of about a dozen screen shots patched together with MS Paint
This map made up of about a dozen screen shots patched together with MS Paint

I want a hub-and-spokes network, so I started off looking for a city with plenty of neighbours to connect. About two thirds down, and a third in from the western border is Barrington. That was to be my hub I decided.

Although you can’t see it from this image, Barrington has two significant industries next to it. One is a cement-works to the south-east, and another is a brewery to the south-west. (I’m using wohlstandskind’s “Advanced Industry Mod” (AIM) which is… I guess “Medium” complicated – it’s more complex than vanilla Train Fever, but nowhere near as a struggle as Gwinda’s Cargo Mod)

Barrington in 1850
Barrington in 1850

The clay quarry and cement-works have potential. Clay -> Cement. And if I can ship the cement to a ‘Betonwerks’ (concrete factory?), it’ll turn into goods, and I can ship goods to multiple cities. Good plan.
(Note: the cement-works is labeled ‘Brickworks’ in the above image – because the industries in the AIM mod are all in German, I’m not perfect with the translations)

As mentioned above, Barrington is surrounded by other cities. Roughly, they are:

Obanvale.....................Forest Reefs
Yippin Creek...... Barrington......Preolenna
Golcordia...... Seven Hills.....Bombeeta

Note: I’ve replaced the ‘City names’ file with one that has every location in Australia. Of those location names though, Barrington is in the Hunter Valley; so is Cumnock. There are a few ‘Seven Hills’ around Australia, including as suburbs in Sydney & Brisbane. The others – I’ve not heard of.

Transport Fever Beta Starts

The sequel to Train Fever, Transport Fever, seems to have started its Beta testing phase. I was going to apply to be part of the Beta, but the application process was when I was caught up with too much work, too far from home, and required me to submit my system stats. And, quite frankly, I’m too lazy to check what they are. I know they’re not high-end though.

I know the Beta’s going because two of my Steam contacts – Monterico & RolfMonitor – are frequently showing as playing Transport Fever in the last few days. I am tempted to ask them how it’s going, what they like or don’t like about it. But 1) they’re probably covered by non-disclosure rules right now; and 2) I don’t want to pester them. I hope Monterico likes it though, because I’ve watched his videos of Train Fever, and we have similar play styles.


In other TF news, a while back, I posted this suggestion on how to make this single-player game a multiplayer game of sorts. After several contenders adding me to Steam, it seems I might get a chance to try my idea, as Marc from Quebec has been working with me to try and get it to work. The save files are fucking huge though – 90Mb and larger!

Leningrad Part I

It started with a simple plan. Usually, my railways start off running between A & B, then I’ll introduce C, and I’ll slowly add one station at a time, not planning too far in advance, and I’ll end up with a network that looks something like this:



Pretty dull. Not much planning. Build when I get the money. Nothing special.

This time round though, I wanted to try something special.

The map was created and saved on 6 September. Because I like to give each of my playthroughs a consistent save name, I checked Wikipedia to find out what historical events happened on 6 September.

A Replica of Magellan’s “Victoria”
  • 1522: Victoria, the only surviving ship of Magellan’s expedition, returned home. Nah.
  • 1966: Hendrik Verwoerd, architect of the Apartheid policy, was stabbed to death? Maybe?
  • 1972: Black September terrorist group kill captured Israeli athletes hostages in Munich? Should I call this game ‘Munchen’? I nearly went with this.

But then I found it.

1991. Leningrad renamed Saint Petersburg.


This save game would be called St Petersburg. So why is this post “Leningrad Part I”? Ah, there is more to come in the story comrade.