Sunday, I bought Panzer Corps 2. I played it most of Sunday and Sunday night. I decided it was definitely the game Lucius and I could use for our battles, so today I bought him a copy as well. It blew my budget for the week, along with a few other significant purchases. But hopefully by the weekend, Lucius and I can finally trial it in multiplayer mode.

The strategic map is useful for cutting and pasting and making a mess of in MS Paint, as shown in this from the current game I am playing against the AI.

Pfizer 1

I had my first Pfizer yesterday. Right after I had to go to pathology and give blood. So it was the day for being stabbed.
A day later, and except when I put pressure on the Pfizer site, I don’t even feel it. But they say the first Pfizer’s easier than the second. Let’s see?

An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age

Lucius and I want to try something.
We’re looking for a turn-base tactical wargame we can play against each other. The idea grew out of a conversation we had about the old Amiga game, The Perfect General.
But what game?
Really, what we’re after is Company of Heroes, but as a turn-based game.
At first, I liked the look of Valor & Victory. Maybe I still like it. But I’ve heard it does multiplayer poorly. And it lacks fog-of-war, which I think is an important criteria.
Lately, I’ve been looking at Panzer Corps 2. But again, I am worried how it translates to multiplayer.
Along the way, Eccles and Matt have been drawn into the plan. Of course, being Matt, he still has Perfect General, and consoles on which to play it. But when I look at it now, I shudder. Those graphics!

As best I can make out, The Perfect General was followed by a sequel – The Perfect General 2 – and after that came Panzer General, Panzer General 2, and then Panzer Corps.


I want to write. But right now, I feel I can’t. The ideas are churning around, and are too mixed up to come out coherently. So many topics. So many thoughts. So many observations, concerns, possible plans.

What I am grateful for right now is I have somewhere. Somewhere to write. Somewhere to be. Somewhere to live. Somewhere to think.

I have set up the second bedroom as an office. During the day, I work. And during the evening, I can watch shows, listen to music, relax. It is here I can write. Well, I could if my brain were more settled. But I at least have the place, the tools.

Here, I have the serenity I was seeking last year when I went to the farm. But without the solitude. Living downstairs from David and Pat, I am not alone. But I live as though I am. For although I have chatted to David each of the last few days, I got a haircut earlier in the week, and I am pretty sure Pat has not even seen it yet. It is the right mix between alone and not alone.

Maybe this is what peace is?