I was asked today about the podcasts I listen to regularly. So here are the most essential ones, and some of the better examples of them.

First, I discovered podcasts thanks to the brilliance of Brian Ibbott and the Coverville podcast. Brian records these two or three episodes a week, and their focus is cover music. My favourites are when he picks an artist, and then bookends the show with covers by that artist, and fills out the remaining slots with covers of the artist’s songs. If you’re new to Coverville, check out his shows on Johnny Cash and Elvis – I didn’t like either of those artists when I first heard these episodes, but I loved both episodes and they illustrate Brian’s brilliance.

Next, I moved onto Conversations with Richard Fidler. While Brian’s Coverville introduced me to podcasts, Fidler made them compulsory listening. Of particular note recently is Fidler’s interview with Len Notaras and the description of the Newcastle earthquake Len gave. Also worth listening to are Michael Palin, Bill Bryson, and Tim Bowden. The Tim Bowden interview in fact contains some material which I think everyone should listen to, to gain a better understanding of a small chapter of Australian history.

I also really enjoy Three Moves Ahead, from a bunch of strategy game reviewers in the US – Rob Zacny, Troy Goodfellow, Julian Murdoch and friends. Sometimes the guys will review a new game such as Fallen Enchantress or X-COM. And sometimes they’ll talk about gaming in general. But every episode is worth listening to, even if I never play the game they talk about.

I’ll leave it there (or as Brian Ibbott would say “That about covers it”) but I get the feeling this will be one of those entries I return to later and add more to. It’s just that kind of list.


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  1. Like you Dermott, I am addicted to podcasts and whether I am driving or on the Shitkansen I am usually listening to one of my podcasts (when I have tired of Leonard Cohen). Please let me tell you about a series which once started is completely addictive, but which has succeeded in enriching my knowledge of the earth and the environment enormously. And that’s what it’s called, “Earth and Environmental Systems” – a series of 60 one hour podcasts from the Colorado School of Mines and developed and narrated by a guy named Christian Storey, who is as good a communicator as I have ever heard (I put him up there with Carl Sagan and David Suzuki). Do check it out – you won’t be disappointed I promise. If that’s too boring, try the BBC Documentaries series or “In our Time” with Melvyn Bragg. Cheers

  2. I shall check those out. I churn through a lot on the Shitkansen, so I often download a new series, listen to a few, and if I don’t like them, ditch and unsubscribe. So I’m always looking for more. Thanks

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